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About Sorhea

Reference in outdoor perimeter security
With more than 25 years experience and over 10.000 km cover up, SORHEA is the major manufacturer in Europe of high level perimeter security systems.

Originally manufacturer of active infrared barriers, SORHEA develops its product solution range through engineering applied to new technologies for sensitive perimeter security. Through a deeply ingrain process, SORHEA provides customers the best reliable perimeter detection systems.

Our technologies

Our product range is based on 5 technologies :

SORHEA controls these technologies and proposes systems to match with the specificities of political, military, economic, strategic and safety stress of sensitive sites. Well-known for our know-how and project support and assistance, we are proud to have fitted most of our products in sites such as :

- Nuclear power plants, state prisons, military bases ;
- Seveso and chemical industries ;
- Airports and cars manufacturer logistic sites.

Our vision

SORHEA’s growth is based on 2 main point :

The solid national and international commercial foothold. Specific commercial teams has been set up to follow-up and fulfill projects through southern and northern Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa.

The perpetual innovation. With an every year increasing part of its turnover invested in the R&D department, SORHEA is a major worldwide representative of perimeter security system.

Our expertise

For instance, Solaris and G-Fence, the latest launched products, complete our 2010 range of products. From now on, civil engineering is avoided by a radio communication and an autonomous power supply. This dynamic research of new technologies and products gives the opportunity to our customers to be more innovative and efficient in the perimeter security market.

Radio and solar new technologies avoiding civil works represents today mainly arguments for end users.

Our commitment

Experience, technical and market knowledge, here are the components used by SORHEA to be known as a major brand. SORHEA attaches the greatest importance to control the whole process of production, from the design to the delivery…which allow us to advise and support each customer in his projects development.

SORHEA is involved in any step, such as site study, technical recommendations, technical trainings, installation assistance, hotline, on-site troubleshoot, etc.